Monday, January 7, 2013

Confessions of a Foodie

I wasn't going to write about this. I know that I don't have to either. I can just not put it in print and then no one will now that I had a setback. Why do I feel like all of a sudden I am in a confessional. Father...I have sinned...

Well I have not done a great job at eating the last few days. As I told you I had a horrible sickness that passed. I honestly couldn't even stomach foods that I normally want to eat (still can't drink soda). So I thought I was in the clear, thought it would be easy..hey my body will do this work for me, it won't let me eat any of that stuff.

Then I started down that slippery slope...I went out with my sister and her friend on Friday after a day of looking for wedding dresses. We went to Red Robin not my favorite I was okay. They have bottomless fries you know....I bet you can see where this is headed. Not just yet hold on for a moment. So at Red Robin I knew fries are my crack so I didn't order any...SAY WHAT!? You love french fries and you didn't order any?? Yep! But don't break out the trophy just yet. So I get a small cup of tortilla soup (high calorie I am sure) and a Turkey sandwich with water. Felt pretty darn good about that one. The next night we went to my parents house for second Christmas with my sister. So I hate pretty healthy seriously I did. Then there was a bit of drama that I am not going to get into which resulted in us going out to dinner on Sunday night to Famous Daves BBQ. I got 4 sliders, I called them a variety pack of sandwiches because they are 4 of the most popular sandwiches there and I got mashed french fries yeah me!

Until tonight.....
We were out and about and my husband asked me where I wanted to go. I left it up to him it was between a place called Wok Inn and Red Robin...Wok Inn is a buffet but you get fresh meats, veggies and all that so it isn't to bad I never over eat there. BUT he let me choose between the two places...I picked Red Robin...Yes the place that I don't really even like. I got a burger that wasn't very good and french fries...I don't even know why..well I think I do actually. I think this has been festering inside me since the last time I was there when I didn't order them. So I got my took my 3 days but I got it. I feel just awful about it. Clearly this is a problem. It wasn't even like I was craving french fries. It wasn't on my mind. So I don't know what the heck happened. Maybe I should start a thing where I am x days free of french fries.

So like I said I didn't have to write about this I could have pretended it never happened. But it did and by pretending it never happened I would be in the same situation every other time.

Day 7 of the new year Day 0 French Fry free..

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Happy New Year!

The new year was not so happy around my house. We rang in the New Year with friends and then no more then 6 hours into the New Year this momma got sick! Not just the regular sick but the lovely Norovirus sick. I swear I never get sick but when I do it is bad. While I was sick my husband took care of the baby which didn't go well considering baby wanted Momma who couldn't come near him and so he decided to scream most of the time. After the initial sickness it took several days to recover, however my husband ended up getting it a day after I did. So baby went to Grandmas for a day and then I was back to taking care of him even though I was feeling only about 75% better. Husband and I are on the mend and we are crossing our fingers that baby doesn't get this sickness.

So as you can see my idea to start my way to a healthier me has been postponed. I am getting myself geared up again to get this thing going. I have sister announced her wedding will be April 6, 2013...WHAT! 3 months to look super hot...crap! I will do my best and definitely be giving my 90 day Supreme workout a go. The reason they gave such short notice is that they both work in the Hotel industry he is a head chef and she works in sales. So they barely ever get any time off except during the off season. So it was either do it now or wait another year which she wasn't going to do.

So we have the dress, we need a cake, and photographer. Should be easy enough....

The good news about the damn sickness is that it was like a reset for my body. I can't drink soda anymore it disgusts me. I am so afraid of eating the wrong food and getting sick that I just don't eat a ton of food and just eat when I am hungry and make sure it is bland and not greasy. So I guess have a bright side to being sick.

Here I go...I plan on doing my workout tonight I will let you know how it goes.