Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Always Selling

I am SICK to death of friends, family even strangers trying to sell me stuff. At first I was naive to it all. I was at a party and a guy starts talking to me about the weight he lost. I am of course interested because I am trying to lose weight. Stupid me thinks that maybe he is going to give me advice or something. WRONG! We talk for a few minutes and then comes the sales pitch. He wants me to buy products from him and sell them..Um NO I think pyramid schemes are ridiculous and I don't understand WHY people are still doing them. So this type of thing has been happening a LOT lately.
My husband and I get stopped by a I admit this one caught me off guard. She was a nice older lady who stopped us to talk to us about our baby(which happens often). So she asks what we do and we tell her, we have our own business. She says well that is great, I help small business people market themselves. Woah! NO way okay! Well she wants to meet us, so we meet up and BAM, trying to get us to sign up for Amway.

The most recent ones have to do with Beach Body coaches. I have nothing against you. I have friends who are coaches. But seriously stop pouncing on EVERY person trying to get healthy. I help manage a Facebook Group of about 3000 people we are a group that supports women in eating clean and working out. Or how ever you need support. We don't sell anything, we don't promote any one workout. It is literally 100% free no strings attached. We actually try to keep the spam and soliciting out of the group. The women are there to motivate themselves and each other and not be hounded or pressured into buying things so we don't allow any sales or anything. But I swear our group name must be in the BB hand book because they are coming to the group in mass amounts. Some of them are completely respectful of the group although who knows they are probably messaging members behind our back. But they don't post sales stuff in the group, which is what we ask. Then their are others that say PM for information on how you can lose weight like I did. Or they will post something similar and get unsuspecting women to fall for it. They then pitch them on Shakeology and all the workouts. Oh join my challenge group and then the people end up buying product because they see the results. Someone will ask what is a good workout and they start saying BB ones and then let me sell you one or PM. Our members are getting really upset by this and so are we.

I have even fallen victim to the BB coach talk. It was when I first joined the group and we were talking about our work. Someone says I am an Online Fitness Coach..Awesome! That sounds just like what I want to do. So I say Oh how do you do it? BAM I am suddenly being asked all these questions and buy a product! It was insane. I happens more then I like.

Like I said I don't hate you BB coaches but there has to be another way. So that it doesn't seem like you are sharks in the water waiting to pounce on the first person who mentions they did a situp.

My long time friend messaged me today on Facebook. Haven't talk to the guy in AGES but I know what he wants. He wants to get me to buy some stuff from him. He wanted to talk today! I made up a reason I couldn't and I won't talk to him again. I am just so sick of being sold stuff!!!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

What Message Are We Sending?

I have been on this "get healthy" journey for many years. Why many years you ask well because even thought I know exactly what I need to be doing..I am not very good at following through. I am working on that thought. I had a lot of emotional issues that I needed to work through and I think I am doing a good job with all of those. I am finding a healthy balance between food and activity. I know some people have to be all or nothing and I don't want that to be me.

Today I saw something that got me thinking. Now in the beginning it didn't seem terrible to me, and to be honestly it doesn't still it just seems a bit sad I think. First let me just say I am 100% for being healthy, knowing your limits and also if you want to drink your meals go for it.

So here is what I saw we were out eating as a family which we do one time a week. I watched a couple my age come in and they had two small daughter. The father and daughters all got food to eat. The mom only had a glass of water and her green smoothie. Which we all know are healthy and not bad for you but that isn't what I am getting at. At first I was like Wow it takes real self control to be here and not eat.

Then I got to thinking more about what kind of message she was sending her young daughters. She was telling that them the food she was letting them have wasn't good and that she wasn't eating it. This I feel like will lead to them being cautious of food very early on which isn't bad, food education is a great idea. But when you are sitting there drinking your meal while they eat. I just got visions of the things we use to do in high school when we "dieted" we would only drink liquids, skip meals it set us up for a whole mess of problems later on. I remember watching my mom diet when I was a kid and she was eating healthy food and doing it in healthy ways but it STILL made me overly aware of size, weight and all of that at a very young age. I had body image issues when I was in second grade and just so you know my mom has NO idea. No idea that seeing her worry about her body so much caused that. So I was thinking about what these girls might think about their mom only drinking her dinner. Not that what she was drinking was bad but she could have easily ordered something healthy and clean to eat at the restaurant.

I guess the point of this whole writing is; do we really know the message we are sending to our kids? We are trying to be healthy but maybe we read a label and say Oh this has to many calories and suddenly you have a 8 year old refusing to eat cereal because it has to many calories( true story a girl refused her cereal because it had 110 calories). These kids aren't old enough to understand it like we do as adults. What they see is 100 and think that is a lot, or they see mom not eating and think it must be best not to eat. And no matter how much we think we are hiding these things we aren't.

Again so I don't get hate notes I don't think there is anything wrong with having shakes, or counting calories.