Monday, February 14, 2011

Inside Out Method

I decided to pick up some workout DVD's. I got the Bob Harper inside out method workouts: Strength, Cardio and Yoga. So far I have done strength and yoga. Tonight I am going to do cardio. I feel the need to review these DVD's.

Inside Out Method Strength

This comes with 25 minutes (beginner) and an hour harder workout. I have only done the 25 minute workout because I didn't want to start to much to soon. I put the workout in and I was worried that it would be to hard to do. It was perfect, the perfect workout for a beginner. As I was doing it I felt like it was just challenging enough. At the end of the workout I wasn't to sore but the next day I could totally feel that I had worked out.

Inside Out Method Yoga

In my head I thought this was going to be the regular run of the mill "low sweat" yoga that I am use to. I should have known when I put the dvd in and there was no 25 minute beginner workout. :) I start the workout and Bob says, "THIS will be like NO other yoga workout you have ever done." YIKES!!!!!!!!! It was a good workout and pretty difficult, the people on the dvd were sweating really hard. It was a great workout and I feel it today.

I am nowhere near athletic but these workouts were do able for me. I had to pause on some stuff and modify other things (mostly in the yoga). But after I finished I didn't feel like a failure because I couldn't do it all.

Totally recommend these workouts.

Tonight I am going to make steak and veggies for our Valentines day dinner. It seems better to just stay in and have a nice dinner rather then go out and eat some over priced meal I won't really enjoy.

This is the BEST thing I have ever owned. A rice cooker, steamer, tons of other things. I love just putting some brown rice in the cooker, throwing some fish on top and letting it cook. I literally don't have to do anything. Its perfect. The fish comes out so delicious. I highly recommend this machine.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Always Start

I just can't seem to keep up with anything. I want more then anything to lose weight and just be able to say hey look what I did. This weekend has been a very stressful weekend and it still isn't over yet. I just want that stress to go away. I can feel it in my back and everywhere. I want to start swimming because I just love being in the water. Which is shocking considering I hated water until a few years ago. I almost drown when I was 5 during swimming lessons. So from that point on I just kinda stayed out of water or when I went in I just splashed around. Never really learned how to swim correctly. I would like nothing more the to learn how to swim well so that I can get a beneficial workout. That day will come when I am able to actually get to the pool. For now I need to figure something else out for exercise. I also need to figure out a good menu and food items to eat.