Sunday, September 18, 2011

30 in 365

Today was my 29th Birthday. It feels like the end of something, like the last chapter of my twenties. I am not super upset about growing older, it means I am that much wiser..right..right? Well I have decided that the best way for me to leave my twenties is trying to get healthy. The thing I have been "trying" to do for the last 10 years. To me it is more than just being thin, and being able to try something on and have it fit me good. It is about being able to go hiking with my friends, go on adventures. Go out and go dancing with my friends and not feel like everyone in the club is looking at me.

I know that I am more then a fat lump, but to be honest most of the time that is all I feel like.

I took a speech class recently as a required class and one thing we had to do was give everyone a compliment when they gave a speech. I LOVED that because everyone was so nice. The nicest thing was that someone told me that I was very charming and my smile is very captivating. Those words have stuck with me. Because I am slowing realizing that I am so much more. More then these negative words that I say to myself, more than the horrible body image I have.

I am excited.

I have taken a first step. I kicked off my birthday with a hike up a 4000 ft mountain. I figured I could go and get some free birthday dinner, or I could go out and hike my butt off. I chose the hiking my butt off.

So today I celebrate first steps~

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