Sunday, June 30, 2013

When are you due?

Dreaded fat person questions. Here is a piece of advice. Unless you are absolutely, positively with out a doubt sure a woman is pregnant..don't ask! I don't care how curious you are. Have you heard the saying, curiosity killed the cat? Well guess what the fat lady killed the curious question people. :)

Today a well-meaning elderly couple asked me when I was due...while I was holding my 10 month old son. I admit that any extra weight on me goes to my stomach area and I look pregnant. In the past this would have triggered a WHOLE mess of things, emotional eating, pity party, self-consciousness kicking into full gear just to name a few. I never know what to say in that situation that doesn't make it worse, so I just kinda ignored it and said no, one is enough right now. It took them a while to get it. I admit I threw a pity party for about 5 minutes then I let it go. I continued on to my mom's house and saw a large plate of cookies, bags of chips, lets just say a emotional/binge eaters dream. I looked at it and grabbed some fruit. I thought about things and decided who cares if they or anyone else thinks I look pregnant because I have come a long way so far, I am not done with my journey so I won't let that set me back or even worse derail me completely. This mental thinking as been a LONG time in the making to be able to deal with this in a healthy way. So if you can't yet..don't worry you will.

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  1. :( good for not letting it trip you up though.