Monday, July 1, 2013

Just a Quickie

For some reason I felt the need to delete all entries except from the last few days. But me being me I couldn't delete them so I made them unavailable. I am sick of looking back at the person who kept failing. I know that those experiences have given me the knowledge and will to be where I am today, but I feel like it is living in the past a bit. Every start over, every oh Monday. To me it feels a bit like cleaning out your closet and getting rid of all that junk. It feels good.

Today was another hot one here. Nothing like they are getting in Arizona but hot for here. Due to my little boy getting sick yesterday from the heat I was a cautious mama and didn't go out and do anything crazy. I am still well within my exercise every 3 days rule so its all good.

The more I learn about living a healthy lifestyle the more it feels like a game of the mind rather then body. If you can get your mind to cooperate then your body will too.

It is late and I need my beauty sleep.


  1. for some reason all of your old enteries have reposted as new (on my reader page anyway).

    1. Okay I am trying to figure out how to hide them without deleting them but I don't think that is possible, so I might just delete them.