Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Year, New Me??

That is the plan...but then again that has always been the plan. For a least the last 6 new years. I don't make resolutions I just don't because it seems silly to me to wait for a new year to make a big plan only to fail a month later and then wait other 10 months to make that resolution again.

I am going to make every day my new day. I was thinking about buying myself a elliptical machine. And then when I got that I would start working out...after thinking about it for a while DO YOU REALIZE HOW RIDICULOUS THAT SOUNDS!!! I was going to not try to lose weight until I got that. I was doing it again. So I am NOT getting one. I have enough exercise equipment, Wii system and dvd's plus weights to lose as much weight as I want to...I don't need to add more to it I need to really use what I have for once. The money I save will be used to buy good foods for me and perhaps good cookbooks. I also might see how much my school would charge to let me use their pool. I think its about 12 dollars for the term but you can only use it at certain times.

So here I go..

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  1. You know friend, the best investment you can make is in a pair of sneakers. You can walk/jog just about anywhere. During your lunch, after work.

    that's how I started exercising. I made sure I had a pair at work and a pair at home... this way, I couldn't make excuses.

    You're right--there's no time to make plans but the present and I think using the pool at your school is a great idea. I'm rooting for you...