Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Well things have been going good. I have been cooking at home more and more finding recipes that are interesting that keep me interested in wanting to eat at home. I realized that the food I eat when I go out all taste the same to isn't even that good. So cooking new meals at home helps me have new tastes and keeps things changed up. Not to mention it is way healthier.

I have been trying to run on my treadmill. I am not sure I ever really want to be a "runner" but I am a big fan of interval training and a lot of the Couch to 5k programs have good intervals so I have been using them. I use my manual treadmill because that is what I have and I can make it work. It has a 7% grade that is as flat as it will go so it is harder then a regular treadmill and I get upset I can't go 10 miles on it. But you know what its okay I will do what I can. I need to keep it moving hehe.

In other news my car broke down so we are looking for a new one right now. I think I will post my new favorite recipe on my recipe blog.

Hope the New Year is being great to you.

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