Sunday, December 30, 2012

Cravings are weird

I have a few minutes to write something while my boy is preoccupied with his flashy star toy we lovingly call "Star Friend".

 I have joined a weight loss challenge on Facebook. It is put on by someone who has had 3 children, and leads a very busy life but she still keeps fit and finds time to do that in. A question was asked on the group for the challenge about what would be our "Kryptonite" food.

French Fries...

As I wrote about before French Fries are the one food I can't avoid. The weird thing about that is I seldom actually crave french fries. I know that sounds crazy but it is true. I don't sit at my house and see an ad with fries and instantly need them. I have a few bags of fries in my freezer that have been there for months and haven't been eaten. French Fries don't make me a crazy lunatic until I get them, no that isn't how it works. If I go out to a restaurant that has French Fries that is where the problem start. I know I could order a side salad or some veggies but I don't. I know I could simply not get them at a fast food joint. But I don't when I see them on the menu I just have to have them with Ranch of course....that is how I gained so much weight in high school was eating fries everyday for lunch with ranch or BBQ sauce.

It is very hard for me to resist once I am standing/sitting there. We use to go to a Red Robin where the fries are bottomless..I use to make sure I ordered something that came with bottomless fries even if I didn't care for that meal itself. We have stopped going there because the calories in any of the food just wasn't worth it to me. I have not order fries since I last wrote about it. I did have a few from my husbands plate but I did not order my own. The good thing about skimming off my husbands plate is I only take 2 because I feel bad about eating his food.

I picked up a workout from Walmart that was 8.00 bucks that I have been wanting to buy since before I got pregnant only back then it was 20.00. It is Supreme 90 Day System. I previewed one of the first scheduled workout and it seems hard right now but definitely something that can be attained.

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