Thursday, December 27, 2012

French Fries Galore

Well a lot has changed since my last post. That post was written exactly 14 days before my son Isaiah decided to make debut to the world. I have been in baby mode since then. He is a great little boy almost 4 months old now. SO funny! He cracks me up many times a day. He is also going to be an active little boy it is clear to me that I better begin training for the baby Olympics or I will be left in this little guys dust. He is already rolling over so he can get to different things he wants to play much energy! So during the pregnancy as I mentioned previously I did not concern myself with losing weight(because your not suppose to). It was WONDERFUL!!! The first time in over 10 years that losing weight was not on my was peaceful. I didn't gain to much weight while pregnant under 30 pounds which was my goal. I know that sometimes pregnancy can get out of control and you can end up gaining the weight of an entire person. As I was already heavy I knew that I didn't want that to happen to me. After Isaiah was born I did lose the baby weight..most of it. I gained back about 8 pounds. With the arrival of a new baby means LOTS of pictures being taken of him and me. Before baby I wasn't fond of having pictures take of me because I was fat. After the baby I was okay with it because first of all everyone is looking at the little cutie not me, secondly I just had a baby I was allowed to be "fluffy". But now things are changing. I don't want to be one of those people that 5 years from now says well it is baby, no it is not! It is not doing a thing about it weight. I have seen pictures of me from Christmas these are the most recent and I don't like what I see. The time to change is upon me... I have identified what most of my problems are: FOOD! I love food, and the worse for me the better...nachos, pizza, french fries. Anything bad for me I love. I have a serious problem with fried foods and since being pregnant also candy. Which I went many, many years without wanting candy and now it seems like every time I go into the store I want to buy some. It is becoming clear to me that my food habits are becoming a problem. Don't get me wrong I love fruits and veggies. I often crave those things too, just not as much as the bad stuff. My first order of business is NO more french fries! These are my addiction I will go out to eat just to get them. The stupid thing is that I don't even really like them. I think it is just the greasy, salty factor that gets me. So from this point forward no more fries. I realize that there will be times when I slip and can't control it but the ultimate goal is to get my eating on a more healthy track and claim back the health that is mine. I have dodged having any major health issues but during the pregnancy I had a look into the future of what it might be if I got Diabetes and I didn't like that at all.. Here we go......

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