Friday, December 18, 2009

Eat This Not That

I borrowed a copy of this book from the library. I have been looking at buying it for over a year now but I just haven't so I found it sitting all lonely on the shelf and grabbed it up. So far some of the choices are obvious but others is like "well that couldwork!!

I have a few more people who have jumped on my weight loss train. Hopefully they don't fall off or abandon ship before we make some real progress.
I have been doing great even weighted in at 5 lbs less that what I had in the previous weigh in. NICE!!

I am hoping to drop another 8lbs. If I do this then I will officially be at the lowest I have weighed in nearly 3 years. AWESOME!! I should probably start tracking my progress some where other than in my handy notebook. Maybe it is time to invest in a nice little ticker for my blog. We shall see.

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