Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Meet Me

So many times I have sat here and wrote this entry. I am a nice person maybe to nice that might be why I am over weight. I constantly put other people's needs before myself, I am done with that. For once in my life I am going to come first. It might sound selfish but if I don't become selfish about this I am never going to change and my health and future depend on that. I am not morbidly obese not by a long shot. In fact if you look at me you might guess I was carrying 40lbs extra on this frame of would be shocked to know that it is more like 90lbs extra. "You carry it so well" that is what they all say. I don't want to "carry it well" I want to not be carrying it at all. I am 27 and have been trying to lose weight now for all of my 20's. I was thin in high school and before that. So I am going to end my 20's on a high note. I will be at my goal weight before my 30th birthday. I plan on doing some even to celebrate my success. I am not sure on the type of even yet maybe Race for the Cure, maybe a half marathon. Something big though something memorable.

This blog is going to be much different than the ones I have or have done in the past. In the past I sugar coated my feelings. I made how I felt seem all happy and sunny, well guess what that isn't the case. Some days I really just feel like kicking something, but rather than putting that down I would bottle it up inside. Not anymore. This is my outlet for those days. I am going to be as real as I can be, this time I need to be able to put exactly how I feel and not worry if my family will see or my friend and think I am some bitchy nut job. This is for me...

Day 1

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  1. What are your stats hun? Height weight ratio? Have you found you're losing anything yet or are you struggiling? I'm nearing the 85lb mark, yay lol.