Thursday, December 10, 2009

Looking for Motivation

It seems like I am spending more and more of my time looking for motivation to lose weight. I guess I am looking for motivation in all the wrong places. The only person who can motivate me is me. It gets so hard sometimes. I start and then I stop, I start and stop. The same thing over and over again. I almost would prefer to be secretive about this time. I don't want to go and tell all my friend and family I am trying to lose weight. I don't want to go to them for support. It never works out, they just are not good at it. They love me and care about me I know this, but they are terrible support systems. I need to have someone there to talk to when my day isn't going so well or when I have a slip up with eating. This time around I want to do it without anyone knowing. It seems easier and simpler than the other times.

I have done pretty good so far with eating, which is good. But I am having a terrible time finding motivation to exercise. I am almost debating on if I want to sign up for a class at the school to workout. At least that way I know I have to be there. Which brings me to this question...IF I know I have to bee there, why can't I just trick myself into thinking the same thing and workout for free at home?? The mysteries of life I guess.

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