Sunday, December 27, 2009

The Right Equipment

Over the years I have made many attempts at losing weight, obviously since I am sitting here writing this they did not work. I have enough workout dvd's to make my own library, I have exercise equipment that is now nothing more than a expensive clothes rack, name it I probably have it or have gotten rid of it.

For Christmas I got some more weight loss equipment...BUT why your saying. Trust me this time it is different..I didn't get a new treadmill or weight bench. I got a counter top grill(with removable/washable plates) and two new cooking pans. This is the RIGHT equipment for me. In the past I was always one to workout hard core and not really worry about what I was eating because the amount of time I spent working out was giving me weight loss so it didn't matter to me. Granted, had I paid more attention to what I was eating I would have likely succeeded in some of my trials. Oh well its the past.

I am really excited to use my new equipment to start cooking healthy dinners for myself and family. In the past I never had a plan, so when it came time for dinner I would have a million reasons why I couldn't cook and we should go out..OH I forgot to un-thaw the meat, oh I didn't get to the store..the list goes on and on. But last night I sat down and wrote down about 10 different dinner items along with side dishes and snacks. These things will be what I cook from now on. NO variety you say..well lets put it this way when I was eating out I ate the SAME thing everyday also. So in the end it really doesn't matter to me about variety. I like to have an exact knowledge of what I am cooking. Think back to school and the lunch menu's. Did you sit there all day and wonder WHAT you were having for lunch...NOPE because you knew. I am hoping that the "menu" idea I am going with will also help to take my mind off of food. I won't have to sit all day and think about what I am having for dinner, and then make myself hungry or crave something bad. I will have a PLAN!

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