Friday, December 10, 2010

On a Boat

Well not yet, but if it keeps raining here in town I am going to need a boat. Luckily for me we don't live in a flood area. We live near a river but the river would have to rise VERY high (were talking noah's ark high) in order for it to flood us.

I haven't done anything today..Booo

Well that isn't true I went down to the PSU to get some things in order for when I transfer there next fall. Im a planner what can I say. I am very excited to make this next step in my life. I have a major issuing finishing things and I will finish school and I will finish my weight loss journey. I am getting much to old to keep doing the irresponsible thing.

The food thing is going well. I have decided that I would like to eat more Greek Yogurt. I just love that stuff, I use to have the whole regular yogurt makes me gag thing, the texture was to much for me. But Greek Yogurt I love. I plan on eating it with fruits. I also would like to start eating more beans or any type of fiber. We are seriously lacking fiber. I don't want to get disgusting here but I wonder if as a society we are lacking in these areas and if its not causing some of our health issues. At least in the intestinal regions.

I was talking to my husband earlier and reminded why I decided to go back and get my bachelor's degree. I would ideally like to make a decent amount of money, so that I might be able to open a fitness center for lower income people. It would offer exercise programs, nutritional guidance and some after school programs for children. It likely will never happen, but helping people has always been something I love to do.

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