Thursday, December 9, 2010

Rain...rain...more rain

I do think it is going to be an exceptionally wet winter this year. Bummer! I have lived here for over 10 years now and the wet and gray is just starting to get to me. It is a strange thing here. You go from say April to Early October and the places is just beautiful, very little rain, nice and sunny. But then you get to the end of October and the rain comes and the sun leaves and it just sucks! Even in Montana at least we got a nice sunny day that almost made you forget there was 4 feet of snow outside. Oh well right...

I am 1 lb away from meeting my goal. I am pretty happy about that. I have a new idea which is take it day by day. Don't look to far ahead just focus on what I can do right now. For example I can make the choice to eat something healthy or I can make the choice to eat something bad. Little things like that.

So I keep trekking along or maybe swimming at this point there is that much rain :)

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