Sunday, May 8, 2011

My next 30 years

One and a half years and I will be 30. That really isn't the point of this entry, age doesn't really bother me as much as I think it does some people. The point of this entry it what I want.

I want to be healthy and fit by the time that birthday rolls around. I have spent nearly all my 20's chasing that goal. Mostly in half-ass attempts which have resulted in well...nothing.

Looking at a clothing catalog the other day this hit me. I was looking at the trendy clothes and really wanted to be able to just order everything that I thought was cute. To bad I can't, because EVEN if they had my size I can 100% guarantee it will not look like it does on those models on me...or even close to that. It will be all lumpy and stretched out and just look like a bag of potatoes wearing something cute.

So I want to be able to buy clothes that are cute and of course age appropriate for me. I don't need to go wearing something that a 21 year old would wear. But I want the world to see the real me. Not the me that hides behind, tshirts, jeans and sweatshirts/hoodies and jackets.

Here I come!!!!

On a side note, I did Wii Zumba last night. It was fun and it got my heart pumping. I missed probably 80% of the steps but I kept moving. I figured that the steps will come later. Some of the dance moves are AWESOME!! You feel like your out shaking your butt at a club. But the best part is NO one is there to watch you look like an idiot.

Well that is all for now.

Happy Mother's Day to the mom's out there.

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  1. They say 40 is the new 20! (Notice it's the 40-somethings saying that - giggle!) 30 was a great year for me, 32 was even better. No worries about age - I'm firmly convinced it doesn't mean nearly as much as anyone thinks it does. But I'm right there with you in the catalog department, it'll never look like it does in the catalog on anyone real. That's because the girls they put it on to take photos are all anorexic - size 0 to 2. And I don't care what anyone says - zero is NOT a size!