Saturday, May 21, 2011

That is Chef Stephanie

I have been having a real blast lately with planning dinners. I get very bored of the same old thing. If I am having food that is healthy for me, I want it to be interesting and taste good. So every night I try to come up with something interesting to eat. Last night we had Sesame Asian Chicken, and red potatoes. It was delicious, I made the sauce myself. The night before that we had Marinated Portabello mushrooms, grilled green peppers, onion, and zucchini. It was really good. The husband didn't even mind that it wasn't steak lol. Tonight we are having Quinoa and Black Beans. I am hoping it will be good.

I still have either sauteed spinach or just spinach salad drizzled in olive oil almost every night. I just love it that much. I have Greek yogurt almost everyday also in place of a dessert. I think I love that stuff to much lol. I just had it with some turkey meatballs, it was good (don't judge me lol).

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