Sunday, May 1, 2011

Pity Party is Over

I appreciate the comments on my last entry. It was just a really bad time for me and I was feeling down and in the dumps, then I go and try on clothes and it just makes it even worse.

In the end there is no magic little person who can take my hand and lead me down the path to thindom. I know this, you know this, we all know this. But sometimes I just WISH it wasn't so.

In the end the only one that can take me where I need and want to be in me. I am the driver, and planner of that trip. I decide when I move smoothly along that path, I also decide when I will take detours, breaks or choose the bumpiest most pot-filled road. These are all things I choose. And when I am not eating right and not feeling successful those are my choices also. It is me..

I have been trying very hard to find foods that I like. And incorporate them into my daily eating lifestyle. In the past I eaten yogurt both greek and regular ( watch the sugar and calories). I also like fruits and veggies. Breakfast not my greatest time of the day..I HATE HATE HATE oatmeal, I will never like it and that is the end of story. So I try to eat something like Cheerios from Target ( NO sugar whatsoever in them). Or I will have Shredded Wheat. I have been using Whole Wheat Pita's for sandwiches either with feta cheese and Tzatiki (sp) or Roast Beef and Gouda ( with no mayo).

My new favorite thing and let me just say it might gross some out but you have to understand I have LOVED spinach since I was a kid, use to eat it all the time.

So my new favorite thing is sauteed spinach with olive oil, garlic, and sometimes mushrooms. It is so yummy I just love it. Obviously use the fresh baby spinach not the mushy can stuff ( which I love lol).

Small steps. I know I will not be thin over night..actually I may never be thin, but I can make sure I am eating healthy and exercising for a healthy me.

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  1. spinach, garlic and mushrooms sauteed together?? I think I might die from hunger right this second hearing that! I'd have never thought to put that together, but I have to try it now!