Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Exercise Hobby??

Well I am doing FABULOUS!! I feel like my wagon has been up-righted and I am on track to somewhere I haven't been in a long time. The weight is coming off decently, but that isn't a big concern. My body is changing before my eyes and I LOVE it! I finally finally finally found a balance that works for me. I know it might not work for everyone but it works for me. I have a vitamin D deficiency. It is a pretty common thing in the NW lack of sunlight will do that to a person. I didn't have the best diet and I never went outside in the winter which means....ding ding ding always tired. I have noticed it was getting progressively worse or more noticeable is a more appropriate word for it, but I would wake up and be tired, I would have no energy to do anything, grouchy, angry, depressed you name it that was me. I had gotten worried at one point and hit WebMD because I seriously was concerned. So a simple blood test and bingo bango. I am now taking a vitamin D supplement(not to much don't worry.) I have started to drink more milk again. Back when I started noticing all this was when I moved here to the NW and I stopped drinking milk and started eating badly. What a mix. But I feel great now..I actually have energy to do stuff.

Now to discuss my title...

Tonight as I was exercising I was thinking about things and thinking about how I use to be. Really athletic and into sports and all that. I would have basketball practice and still find time for bike rides(intense ones) and exercise. I loved it! This was back when I was just a teenager and didn't really think of exercise as something bad yet..not that I do now but ya know. So I was thinking about all that and talking to my husband while and I think exercise has always been a hobby of mine. Like I use to love the feeling I would get, the changes, all that. Getting to view a new workout dvd. Learning the latest exercise craze. I day dream about opening my own fitness facilities, I yearn after shiny new workout equipment. I have been this way forever. Some how my true self just got lost in the shuffle of life and growing up. But I am back, ready to dust myself off and show everyone who I really am.

Exercising - 60 minutes;
Healthy food - $200'
Getting Back to the Healthy You - Priceless.

It is a lame quote but it is mine and it describes my feelings.

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