Tuesday, March 8, 2011

No More Yuck

First I would like to put up a picture that I love...What?? A picture I love..yeah that is hard for me to say because I hate the way I look in pictures, I hate it. In pictures I can't avoid the image, I don't see me I see a stranger. But despite all that I love this picture. Next to my wedding pictures it is one of my favorites.

This isn't the greatest picture of us, but I feel like it just shows off who we are. I think I was about 10lbs lighter in this photo. But we are at the beach having a wonderful time doing what we love to do. This is why I want to get healthy, so that we can do more of these things and just really enjoy life. When I leave this world I don't want people to remember me as someone who sat around and watched tv or played on the computer all day. I want to be remembered because I did fun adventurous things.

The rest of this entry I know will be met with a lot of skepticism. I know that and I have to tell you I am skeptical and also was skeptical. I am not delusional and think things like this work. But for whatever reason I am not craving certain foods.
I have seen many many of those hypnosis weight loss things advertised on TV. Curiosity got the better of me and I went searching...apparently there is an APP for that. So I found a weigh loss hypnosis app that makes you not crave foods that are bad and full of grease, it also it suppose to help you with stress eating. So just for the heck of it I decide to try it.

The first time goes something like this. I get all comfy on my bed laying down ready to see what happens. I must have been really tired. I set up the 30 minute long one, I lay there and he starts talking and relaxing me( at this point it reminded me of a really great meditation.) So I am listening and we get to the count backwards part I remember hearing 10, 9 and then the next thing I know I wake up and the session was over....I FEEL ASLEEP!!! I have no idea if in my sleep I heard any of the session as one of my earbuds fell out and the other one I don't know if it was working.

So I decide to try again the next day, I made sure I didn't fall asleep but it was so relaxing I almost did. This was 2 weeks ago, I haven't craved fast food since then, the thought of it is pretty gross and unappealing to me. I have not craved any greasy of fried food at all. Which is impressive for me considering I LOVE all that stuff. Lately it just seems nasty and bleck!! That kind of food doesn't taste the same anymore.

I have done the session a few times since then mostly because it was so relaxing.

Do I believe that it works...I don't know part of me wants to be skeptical and say heck no..but how do I know. Even if it made me subconsciously not want those foods I have battled with for years that is a good thing in my book. It might have just been the power of suggestion who really knows..but I don't want Burger King anymore so ++++.

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  1. I, too, hate pics of me. I avoid them at almost all costs. They annoy me so. It is like looking at a stranger. It's awful...really...and stressful.

    We can do this, kiddo. No matter what we're doing to get us there, we can do this.

    Big hugs!