Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Finally Me Time!!!

I am on spring break as soon as I finish up my Economics class. Which will hopefully be tomorrow. I am so excited to have some time to myself away from school work and distractions. This is the first time I have been in a good place with diet and exercise and I have the chance to just focus on that for the next 2 weeks. That is awesome to me, I really can't wait. I am going to exercise and eat right and just take care of myself. I am about 4 lbs down and 4 to go in the next 2ish weeks. I will have met my 8 lbs a month goal if that happens. Which would put me right on track.

I know that this month might be easier and show a larger weight loss then months to come but I am excited anyway. I have my end goal in mind and I plan on making it there. I can't explain it but my attitude on this whole thing has changed and is very different to me then the last few times.

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