Tuesday, March 8, 2011


I rode my stationary bike last behind hurts :-S!! I made an effort to workout for 45 minutes, I am trying that 30 minute or more theory of weight loss. I also got into some of my songs and started "dancing" while riding..husband things I am nuts!! He might be right. :D

Tonight I am going to do some boxing. Probably will throw in some free weights also.

We are having Crock Pot Buffalo Chicken...I don't really know what it is, I put some chicken tenderloins in the crock pot, and made some buffalo sauce for it to cook in..These could be really hot yikes!

I watched 2 episodes of Heavy last night. I was able to watch them online as I don't have A&E. I like that show, unlike the Biggest Loser people don't get voted off when they need to be there. It was inspiring.

The eating every 3 hours thing is working out so far so good.

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  1. "Heavy" is GREAT! Did you see the one with the gal who was 255 at starting? And she rode her bike ALL the way to GA?! She's been my inspiration this week. I can't get her success story out of my head. Love it!